The Viridian System Series Box Set is now on sale at Smashwords

The regular price is $11.99, which is a $3 discount on the individual book costs.

It launches everywhere except Amazon on November 10th.

correct box set cover 640 tall

Why a box set?

I was thinking of Christmas presents, and the number of people who pass my stall at the craft fairs saying they only read ebooks. I have ebooks!

So making this in an attractive gift set seemed like a good thing to do.

I ended up working all night on it to get it done for the start of November! I thought I’d formatted them all the same – but no. And irritatingly, applying a style across the file did not change the fonts on the italic parts. And as you probably know, what with spaceship names and telepathic conversations, I had a lot of italic parts!

But it’s safely done, and live on Smashwords as a pre-sale. It is on pre-order at other places, and will launch on November 10th. These are the permanent links:

Smashwords ~~~ Apple ~~~ B&N ~~~ Gardners ~~~ Kobobooks ~~~ Scribd ~~~ Odilo

Gift cards and Bookmarks

I’ve now made Gift Cards to go into the stall kit. They have the Smashwords link and a coupon code inside them. The buyer pays me, and the coupon gives the recipient a free ebook. Or three, in this case.

I’ve had these for the Princelings series for years, but only sold two. Maybe their time has come. And I’ve done one for my Dad’s memoirs, White Water Landings, which is also a popular seller.

Also new for the Christmas rush at my book fairs are new bookmarks featuring the Viridian series. I’ll be in Lyndhurst, Romsey (both Hampshire) and Salisbury (Wiltshire) on several dates before Christmas, so check my blog for details. Salisbury’s Christmas market is especially good, and there’ll probably be carols in the cathedral if you time it right.

Special offer on SF&F 4-5 May 2019 – including Curved Space to Corsair!

corsair final jpg

Curved Space to Corsair, book 2 of the Viridian System series, is on sale this weekend only!

science fiction and fantasy promotion May 3-4

It’s part of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Promotion, with many great ebooks from all aspects of science fiction and fantasy – and ALL FOR 99c, OR LESS.

Head over to Patty Jansen’s special promotion, and take up many of these great special offers.

Curved Space to Corsair

Curved Space to Corsair launch

by Jemima Pett

Dolores is training to qualify as a space pilot. Pete has had a call to his home planet, Corsair, to save them from disaster, so they set off in that direction to give Dolores more space hours, only to slight error of course which leaves them in a horrible mess.  Meanwhile the Imperium declares war on the Federation, while a little personal business by one of the senators leads him off in the direction of the Viridian System to start a canny land grab.

Approx 90k words; guideline – 18+

Links for Apple, Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords!

Paperback editions available from 31st January

the perihelix cover

The paperback editions of The Perihelix (second edition) and Curved Space to Corsair, are now ready for distribution.

It sometimes takes a while for the distribution system to land the books in the online shops, but they are on their way.

Take a look at the previews for each of them in the links below.

If you want to order from a physical bookstore, you’ll need the ISBNs.  These are listed below.

By coincidence (more or less) each book is the same size, with 378 pages.  The Perihelix has shorter end-matter than Corsair, because Corsair includes the first chapter of Perihelix, in case you missed it.  Corsair also has a longer comments section because I talk about my research on Japanese and Korean things in order to come up with the whole dragonfly element.  That should intrigue you enough to buy it!

The chapters in the Perihelix must be longer, since there are only 24 in that, but 32 in Curved Space to Corsair!

The UK recommended price for each is £8.99

The Perihelix…

ISBN: 978-0-36-821665-7


and Curved Space to Corsair…

ISBN: 978-0-36-821704-3

Curved Space to Corsair is out today!

Curved Space to Corsair

Curved Space to Corsair

Curved Space to Corsair has been published!

This space adventure takes our heroes, Lars, Pete, Dolores and Maggie, through a wormhole in error, and what they find on the other side is far from comforting.

Can they get back to the Alpha Quadrant and come to the aid of Pete’s people on Corsair?

The only way is a very curved route indeed.

Buy all the Viridian System eBooks

The Perihelix: ebooks at iTunes, Amazon, B&N, Kobo and Smashwords (special price till the end of March)

Curved Space to Corsair: ebooks at iTunes, B&N, Kobo, Amazon; and Smashwords .  Launch price!

Check the launch party & giveaway on Jemima’s blog


The Perihelix on special offer during Corsair launch

the perihelix cover

The Perihelix, book 1 in the series, will be on special offer of $1.99 or the equivalent at Smashwords, iTunes, B&N & Kobo and some other online stores from now through to the end of March.

Why not buy Curved Space to Corsair at the same time – two ebooks for under $5!

Whether Amazon chooses to price match will be up to them.

Don’t forget to visit my blog on Tuesday 22nd January onwards to take part in the book launch and giveaway – first prize a $20 gift voucher.

Corsair Launch Blog Tour

Curved Space to Corsair

Happy new year to you!

We start the year with a request – if you have a blog or similar space, would you like to join our Blog Tour/launch day event for Curved Space to Corsair?

There will be a giveaway for $20 gift card, plus ebooks for runners-up.  Any one posting the details of the launch event will have a social media slot in the rafflecopter for the giveaway.

You can see full details and copy the details of the book, buying links (Amazon tba), Jemima’s picture and biog, an excerpt from the book, and the giveaway code on Jemima’s blog here.  Please note the cover here is not yet the final one.  It just needs minor tweaking, though.

The rafflecopter runs from 22nd Jan to 12 Feb, and you can post on any day within that period.  You can also post before or after, but obviously your visitors will not be able to enter the giveaway.

Feel free to share this information to your friends!

I hope 2019 is a very successful one for you.

Earthrise – with season’s greetings!



It was fifty years ago that we saw this picture for the first time.


I remember looking at it with awe.  Seeing the Earth, our home, the place I walked on, how others would see it if they were flying into our solar system.

That feeling of awe stays with me even now.

It’s probably why I write science fiction.

Which is why I’m working on my final version of Curved Space to Corsair, back from my wonderful editor, and ready to go public once I’ve done all my final checks and corrections.

Two weeks till the finished version is due at Smashwords, three till it has to be at KDP, and both will give it a launch on 22nd January.

Good thing the next lot of family visits aren’t for another week!

Season’s greetings, everyone, and very best wishes for 2019.


The Perihelix and my other ebooks will be either HALF PRICE or FREE between 25th December and 1st January in Smashwords annual sale.

Editing Progress

automated sugarcane harvesting

Progress is definitely being made, ever since my editor revealed she would be over-busy in December.  I’m desperately hoping to get the finished ‘final’ version to her by the end of this week.  Nothing like a deadline to focus the mind.

I’ve taken two chapters out of the book, and the progress bar on the right hand side of this page shows you how I’m doing.  It’s pretty good, but what’s hidden is a whole new storyline of events on the planet Corsair.  I need to write it from scratch.  I’ve adapted early parts so that the backstory is tucked into reminiscences or other suitable points, and it’s been useful reading other people’s books: I’ve taken a great interest in how they fit in backstory.

automated sugarcane harvestingSo, the next task for me is to tackle the main change in the action on the planet, which starts with Colin Trescothick peering over a rocky outcrop at the family of harvesters below.  Well, at least I know what’s going on…

Picture is royalty-free from Shutterstock.


Corsair postponed to January 2019


Curved Space to Corsair is now scheduled for 20th January 2019.  Apologies for anyone who’s itching to buy it.

I’ve been rewriting the start of the manuscript following my editor’s feedback.  As usual with my books, I’ve set the scene, given you a chance to get to know the characters – all the things that used to be good advice.

That doesn’t work these days.  I have to hit you from the start.  I’m working out how to get necessary bits of background in, trying them out, rethinking it.  There’s a bit of business that I cut from the revised Perihelix that I still wanted to use in Corsair, but that’s come out of the first couple of chapters too, and I need to get it in seamlessly in time for the important part of it to emerge.

Once I finish this bit of the edit, I’ll have to go through with a checklist to make sure that everything is included that needs to be included, and that any loose ends are not left dangling if they are no longer needed.

Then I can finish off the other improvements later in the manuscript, and get it back to my editor for approval!

And at present I’ve taken nearly 6000 words off the front end of the book.  That still leaves it coming in around 85,000 though.

Meanwhile, I see another scifi series called Corsair has hit the shelves. Maybe I’ll review it when I’ve finished the third book.

#amediting update – Corsair (Viridian System 2)

Jemima at Camp Nanowrimo

Jemima at Camp NanowrimoExciting news: I’ve finished editing Curved Space to Corsair!

It comes in at around 88,000 words and 260 pages, which will take it to nearly 90,000 when I’ve added front and back matter, like titles, acknowledgements, bio and other titles.  That seems good to me.

It’s now off to its external editor to see what she makes of it.

While I hope she likes it, it’s more about picking holes in it, correcting any unintelligible sentences that I’ve left in, spotting typos and missing words, and a general feedback on the story, plot, characterisation and flow.  That editor really earns all the money I’m sending her!

Then I’ll make the corrections and get it ready to publish. Unless she says there’s a huge amount of work to be done on it.

The cover reveal!

Corsair draftMeanwhile, Dani has completed the cover device.  I just need to place it more accurately within the title.  That really means I adjust the kerning and placement of the word Corsair, as the rest seems okay.  And maybe I’ll move Viridium from behind the dragonfly’s head, or maybe not.

Yes – a dragonfly is significant in this story!

Maybe we’ll hit the current scheduled date of 1st November, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I need to put it back a little.

Watch this space!

You can pre-order Curved Space to Corsair at iTunes, B&N and Kobo.  See the links for the whole series on the book page here.