The Viridian System Series is an adventure in the far reaches of the universe, trying to keep independent from those who want to ‘acquire’ your planet. It seems to tell the story of Big Pete and the Swede, and while



Big Pete Known as Pedro Garcia, or Pete Garcia, Pete is called ‘big’ because he’s quite short – around 5ft 2in.  He’s a miner with a secret, which gradually emerges in book 1.  He’s a skilled pilot, and he can


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The Viridian System series has three books, The Perihelix,  Curved Space to Corsair, and the last in the series, Zanzibar’s Rings. There are also a number of related stories featuring Big Pete and the Swede, and other characters or places in

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Praise for Curved Space to Corsair

I enjoyed the first book in the series ..., and encouraged the author not to give up when she decided it needed reworking--which resulted in a much stronger story. This second book in the series shows the effects of that hard work, by being a very strong, tight story, with characters who stand out as individuals and feel entirely human (even when they aren't, if you know what I mean). The story is complete and stands on its own, but I think it is better to read the books in order, and though this isn't a cliff-hanger at all, I'm eagerly awaiting Book Three.

Rebecca Douglass Author of the Ninja Librarian series and Pismawallops PTA cosy mysteries