Editing Progress

Progress is definitely being made, ever since my editor revealed she would be over-busy in December.  I’m desperately hoping to get the finished ‘final’ version to her by the end of this week.  Nothing like a deadline to focus the mind.

I’ve taken two chapters out of the book, and the progress bar on the right hand side of this page shows you how I’m doing.  It’s pretty good, but what’s hidden is a whole new storyline of events on the planet Corsair.  I need to write it from scratch.  I’ve adapted early parts so that the backstory is tucked into reminiscences or other suitable points, and it’s been useful reading other people’s books: I’ve taken a great interest in how they fit in backstory.

automated sugarcane harvestingSo, the next task for me is to tackle the main change in the action on the planet, which starts with Colin Trescothick peering over a rocky outcrop at the family of harvesters below.  Well, at least I know what’s going on…

Picture is royalty-free from Shutterstock.