Earthrise – with season’s greetings!


It was fifty years ago that we saw this picture for the first time.


I remember looking at it with awe.  Seeing the Earth, our home, the place I walked on, how others would see it if they were flying into our solar system.

That feeling of awe stays with me even now.

It’s probably why I write science fiction.

Which is why I’m working on my final version of Curved Space to Corsair, back from my wonderful editor, and ready to go public once I’ve done all my final checks and corrections.

Two weeks till the finished version is due at Smashwords, three till it has to be at KDP, and both will give it a launch on 22nd January.

Good thing the next lot of family visits aren’t for another week!

Season’s greetings, everyone, and very best wishes for 2019.


The Perihelix and my other ebooks will be either HALF PRICE or FREE between 25th December and 1st January in Smashwords annual sale.