Plans for 2024

First off, I have no plans for further books in the Viridian series. Sorry.

In person appearances

I will be selling the paperbacks at Craft Fairs again this year. I have the following dates/venues booked. I may add more after the summer. These are all in Hampshire, UK, except Chichester, which is West Sussex.

  • April 27th – Romsey Town Hall
  • May 11th – Chichester Meeting Rooms (provisional)
  • May 25th – Lyndhurst Community Centre
  • June 8th – Romsey Town Hall
  • June 22nd – Lymington Masonic Hall
  • July 13th – Chichester (provisional)
  • July 27th – Lyndhurst Community Centre
  • August 10th – Lymington Masonic Hall
  • August 31st – Romsey Town Hall

Prices have risen for 2024; I am hoping to keep the paperbacks at £14 for the Craft Fairs while stocks last, but the online RRP is £15. 40% of that goes to the retailer and distributor. Ebook prices remain the same.

Website maintenance

My websites have used the same format (with different colours and some design tweaks) for nearly seven years, which surprised me. I think they are beginning to look their age. So it’s time for me to modernise them, with extra thought on how it presents on mobile devices.

This website will be my testbed, since it is relatively small, intricate enough, and some sections could do with a revamp or update. Sometimes I can try things out and it not show, but sometime you might just come visiting when I’ve made it look a mess. Or when I’ve made it public to get some feedback, in which case, feel free to give feedback!