The Viridian System series currently has just the first book in rewrite, and the second book is still in draft, being edited by me at present.  There are also a number of related stories featuring Big Pete and the Swede, and other characters or places in the Viridian System’s universe.

The short story that started it all off was a piece of flash fiction called Paradisio.  The challenge for the piece was to do a mash-up of two films, and I got Casablanca and Star Wars.  Some refugees from the Imperium were after some free passes anyhere in the Galaxy that had somehow fallen into the hands of a bar owner in Paradisio – named Rick, of course.

Next came the Orichalcum Library – that was the title I got at random, and I had to look up what orichalcum was.  Some orichalcum miners, in from the asteroid belt, were old fashioned enough to want real books, and they asked Zito – who runs a bar on Pleasant Valley that seems remarkably like Rick’s at times – if he could lend them some. Zito managed to get some from someone who had taken them in exchange for food from some refugees from Paradisio with free passes anywhere in the Galaxy…

Then these orichalcum miners got names, Big Pete and the Swede, and they had some more adventures, often surreal.  Various properties of the asteroid belt were revealed on the way, like if you get too close, all your power dies.  Pete has a solar sail he can unfurl to help pull them out of danger when that happens.  One year they caught a passing angel – or was it Father Christmas and his reindeer?  I forget the detail, but you can find them on Jemima’s blog,

Some of these short stories are collected into The Viridian System Sampler, as a taster for the series.  The aim is to have a new edition every now and then, with newer stories (or possibly prequels) that I think represent the best of the bunch.

New flash fiction starring Pete and the Swede appears here or on Jemima’s blog.  Some are written for the A2Z challenge, in 2015 mostly developments after book 1, in 2016 a mix of developments, backstory and side events.   If you get the Sampler, you can read a selection of them there, and then get a new batch free of charge when an updated edition comes out.  Register for amendments on your preferred supplier–with Smashwords you get automatic access to all editions after the one you originally bought (including bought for nothing). It’s always worth checking the Short Stories category on Jemima’s blog as well as these links:



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