Flash Fiction

The Viridian System short stories

New flash fiction starring Pete and the Swede appears here or on Jemima’s blog. [J] There are still some back stories that appear from time to time, often at Christmas, like these:

Snowflakes and Shivers

Three of the short stories from the Viridian System are now published in one of Jemima’s short story collections – a series called Unexpected Twisty Tales. Snowflakes and Shivers: Heart-warming and Toe-curling Seasonal Tales [J], is a festive edition, with stories featuring many of Jemima’s favourite characters, including Pete, Lars, Dolores and Maggie.

These are the titles, although they have now been removed from this site and Jemima’s blog, to help comply with Amazon’s strict rules on reprints.

  • An Orichalcum Christmas
  • Heaven’s Inkwell
  • Christmas in Spacedock

Short stories on the web

When you read the books, you will probably identify where these flash pieces fit in the VS universe. Often a piece of flash fiction tries out an idea. More recently, some backstory for the characters has appeared. It’s always worth checking the Short Stories category on Jemima’s blog as well as these links:

These ones are later and mostly turned into something related to book 3.


More backstory will be listed here when it’s written.

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