At present, three books are planned for the Viridian System Series.  Each will feature Big Pete and the Swede as the protagonists, although other recurring characters may take larger roles.

Book 1: The Perihelix

status: second edition expected 2017

Length: 83,400 words approx

Two asteroid miners, three women, one spacecraft, and five pieces of a legendary weapon scattered around the galaxy.

Big Pete and the Swede are rich, or so they discover after bringing in their latest haul of orichalcum from the asteroid belt. So some well-deserved vacation awaits them. It starts out just fine, with one of them winning the big flyer-race of the season.  But when they start to receive odd messages, both realise that someone is trying to drag them back to their pasts, pasts they have tried hard to erase.

Kidnapped by some particularly nasty aliens, they leave the girls in a mess – stranded on the spaceship with very little idea how to fly it.


Book 2: Curved Space to Corsair

Status: writing second draft (see progress bar below right)

Big Pete and the Swede, together with Maggie and Dolores, who is now a free woman, take a holiday in the miners’ new spacecraft while some building work goes on at their villa.  “Maybe ten weeks will do it,” Maggie estimates.

That was before Pete is shown a strange jumbled message emanating from Corsair, and a chance encounter with a wormhole sends them into who knows where.

Meanwhile, the Federation and the Imperium go to war….

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Buy the paperback at Amazon, ISBN: 978-1523407613, at  Book Depository and Blurb (using the link below) ISBN:978-1364414917


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