Special offer on SF&F 4-5 May 2019 – including Curved Space to Corsair!

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Curved Space to Corsair, book 2 of the Viridian System series, is on sale this weekend only!

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It’s part of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Promotion, with many great ebooks from all aspects of science fiction and fantasy – and ALL FOR 99c, OR LESS.

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Curved Space to Corsair

Curved Space to Corsair launch

by Jemima Pett

Dolores is training to qualify as a space pilot. Pete has had a call to his home planet, Corsair, to save them from disaster, so they set off in that direction to give Dolores more space hours, only to slight error of course which leaves them in a horrible mess.  Meanwhile the Imperium declares war on the Federation, while a little personal business by one of the senators leads him off in the direction of the Viridian System to start a canny land grab.

Approx 90k words; guideline – 18+

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The Perihelix on special offer during Corsair launch

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The Perihelix, book 1 in the series, will be on special offer of $1.99 or the equivalent at Smashwords, iTunes, B&N & Kobo and some other online stores from now through to the end of March.

Why not buy Curved Space to Corsair at the same time – two ebooks for under $5!

Whether Amazon chooses to price match will be up to them.

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News of the books

camp nano 2018

Just a quickie to tell you that the Perihelix is one of the books being offered FREE for the first 50 people to download it in Smashwords’ Summer/Winter Sale running throughout July.  Click here from 1st July onwards.

Secondly, I’m off to Camp NaNoWriMo to concentrate on editing Curved Space to Corsair so I can send it to my editor. I’ll probably be updating the status bar on the bottom left of this page to show you how I’m doing.  Fingers crossed we’ll get it ready to come out during the winter.

New Edition of the Viridian System Sampler out for Read an eBook Week!

viridian-system-samplerYes, it’s Read an eBook week, and as usual, we have discounts on all our titles.

It’s hard to discount a book that’s free, but the Viridian System Sampler (2017 edition) is now live on Smashwords, and soon on iTunes, B&N and Kobo, etc.  If you already have it, you can download the updated version free from your purchase site.

If not, it’ll be free during Read an eBook Week, 5th-11th March 2017, before reverting to 99c for a while.

To see what bargains are to be had on our other books, check the Smashwords publishers pages then link to the titles, or check our publishers listing on ppbooks.co.uk.

Update on Book 2

Well, as you know, I’ve been writing book 2 in the series at Camp NaNoWriMo throughout April.

I suppose if I was a ‘proper’ writer I’d be writing stories all the time, without the impetus of a wordcount target to reach.  But I find it suits my lifestyle better to devote a set period of time to a book, since I immerse myself in it, and end up waking with the next phase of the story in my head, and I don’t lose track of what I’ve done (provided I make notes , especially of planets, people and things invented) as I go.

But then, from what JK Rowling said about the last Harry books, she had to sit down and lock herself away to finish them.  So maybe it’s just part of the process, especially when one is promoting the books as well.  A time for everything in its season.

So, what about Book 2?

Firstly, I’ve finished it!  I was aiming at 90k words, and stopped 85.4k.  It’s slightly light, but I may need to write in some more action when I edit.

I wish I could think of a decent title.  Working titles have included 1 Watching Wood Warp, which was a description I heard of something extremely boring, which is a fairly accurate description of Pete and the Swede’s lives through the wormhole.  But as with my second thought 2 Autumn Harbour, it is meaningless to anyone passing a list of book titles and certainly does not act as an attention grabber. 3 Dragonfly Planet is strongly related to Autumn Harbour, but they don’t spend long at that planet, although the dragonfly plays a major role.  4 is Three Georges, but again, nobody knows it relates to scifi, and could easily be mistaken for a travel book on China.  5, which I got the day I finished, is Perihelix Adventure, which is a phrase Pete uses when he is musing on life in the final paragraphs.  It obviously links to book 1, but is a bit of a cop out, I think.  You know, Dune, Dune MessiahFoundation, Second Foundation.  It also gives me a constraint for book 3 (and I have no idea what book 3 will do at present, nor whether the Perihelix will be needed).

At present, I think I’d happily use Dragonfly Planet if I had to give it a working title, but maybe calling it Book 2 will be the best.  However, I do think the cover will have a dragonfly motif on it.

Dragonfly (archaic)

You can’t pick a title without knowing what the book is about.  I have updated the book page with a slightly longer description, but I am a long way from writing a blurb.  I now need to let the book simmer for a bit so I go back to it with fresh eyes.  For one thing I don’t think it is exciting enough as it stands.  But I may surprise myself, because, of course, I knew what was going to happen as I wrote it (although there were some surprises as characters did their own thing, as usual).

What I’ll do later in the year is to go through it for my first edit, pick out any phrases I think might make a good title, and if I’m ready but still undecided, I’ll give you a good synopsis and a choice of titles.

And if you haven’t got your Viridian System Sampler yet – it’s now free!  And since I’ve done a backstory for Aramintha in April, I may update the samples included, but remove the coupon for the Perihelix.  If you buy from Smashwords you can get later editions free, I’m not sure whether that applies to Nook, Kobo and Apple stores or not.

Safe spacing!

PS Watch out for snippets from the book that I post in the next few months!


Congratulations, Goodreads winners!

The winners of our Giveaway on GOODREADS were:

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Buy the Sampler – get the Perihelix discount code


With effect from a couple of days ago, if you buy the Viridian System Sampler at Smashwords (for 99c), your copy will include a link to the forthcoming Perihelix, together with a coupon code.

When you buy The Perihelix after it is released on February 16th, use the coupon and get your money back on the Sampler.  That means your Sampler was free.  Or you got two books for the price of one.  Or something.

The coupon ends at the end of April.  The Perihelix price may change at the end of March, but it will definitely change by the end of April.  It’s called promotional pricing, so it depends how long it takes the promotion to work!


If you have already bought the Sampler, check back at your buying site for the new edition, it should be updated free.


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We’re running a Goodreads Giveaway for TWO copies of The PERIHELIX paperback, open worldwide.

The Giveaway runs from today till February 29th.  You have to be a member to take part – but it’s free and it’s a great way to find new books and keep tabs on those you want to read.

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The Perihelix

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Trick or Treat for Halloween

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It’s a collection of eight short stories that led to the development of the Viridian System series.  Book 1, the Perihelix, will be out in January.  It’s science fiction, with adult language and nudity, but very tasteful.

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