Another flash fiction tale

With a visual prompt for this week’s flash fiction, I threw together another tale in the adventures of Pete and the Swede (and Maggie and Dolores) down the wormhole,

I’ve decided to devote July to revising and editing The Perihelix.  It can’t wait much longer, since the new flash fictions are going to start giving spoilers to the attentive reader,

You can read this week’s flash fiction here.

Pete and the Swede during the April A to Z Challenge

Jemima is definitely hooked on these characters: three out of four Flash Fiction Fridays during April have posts featuring Pete, Lars, Maggie and/or Dolores.

Jemima’s doing the April A to Z Challenge once more, and this year her theme is natural phenomena.  This lends itself to stories where our intrepid heroes are exploring space, or planets, or their own worlds.  The Friday features are:

C – The Coprolite Conundrum

O – Orogeny (Cross-purposes)

U – Upwelling

The other Friday (10th) features a seal and a polar bear.  Come to think of it, Lars could be the polar bear and Pete the seal!

An update from Jemima

One of my friends expressed doubt as to whether I’d get all the projects on my plate done this year.  She’s right to express doubt.  But I think the production of The Perihelix is ok for the autumn.  The schedule is only messed up because I devoted six weeks work writing the seventh Princelings book (well, the first third of it, anyway) and that won’t be out this year.  I’m a little concerned that the new editions of the first six might not get out in time, and they’ve already been postponed from last autumn.

But The Perihelix… that’s a commitment.  I promise.

And to help you keep interested – here’s another flash fiction with Pete and the Swede (and Dolores, still in pilot training mode).  It’s set after the Perihelix, just to confuse you.  And this time it’s on my blog… it’ll be linked here in the short stories section in due course.

Viridian series on Facebook

While we were having a few problems with WordPress and loading images, Jemima has set up the Facebook page for the series.  It’ll be mainly for news, of course – with updates from this website – but also discussions, and there are short stories in the Notes section.

Congratulations to Julie Grasso for being our first follower.  Why don’t you join her?

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