Book 2 at Camp NaNoWriMo

I’m writing book 2, still to get a title, and although I’ve run through two or three working titles by now, it still remains ‘book 2’.  I’m at Camp NaNoWriMo, in a cabin of like-minded individuals – all of us have projects that need to get finished, and some of us even know each other in real life.

I had 23,000 words before camp started.  There are some secondary scenes, and some ‘something in the Imperium’ and ‘something at Pleasant Valley or Sunset Strip’ notes scattered in there to make it flow, but mainly I’ve been concentrating on the story involving Pete, the Swede and the girls.  And their passengers 😉

So I started Camp with scenes for the Imperium and other secondary characters.  I’m not saying much, because it’s a bit of a struggle, and although I know roughly what I want to set up, it’s not flowing that well.  Well, you can tell that because I’m writing a blog post instead of writing fiction.  Sigh.  It’ll never grow unless I put one word after the other.  Back to the grindstone.  Well, first I’ll just make another cup of coffee.  Hopefully it’ll be cold before I remember it, as that means I’ll have got stuck into the story again.

I’ll update the progress bar below from time to time, but the one on my blog will probably get attention daily, since I’m also doing the A to Z Challenge.  Time management.  That’s what I need.

If you’re camping too – good luck!