New Edition of the Viridian System Sampler out for Read an eBook Week!

viridian-system-samplerYes, it’s Read an eBook week, and as usual, we have discounts on all our titles.

It’s hard to discount a book that’s free, but the Viridian System Sampler (2017 edition) is now live on Smashwords, and soon on iTunes, B&N and Kobo, etc.  If you already have it, you can download the updated version free from your purchase site.

If not, it’ll be free during Read an eBook Week, 5th-11th March 2017, before reverting to 99c for a while.

To see what bargains are to be had on our other books, check the Smashwords publishers pages then link to the titles, or check our publishers listing on

Watch out for a new edition of the Sampler

viridian-system-samplerIt was always my intention to have the Viridian System Sampler change from time to time.

It has eight short stories in it, and is only available from Smashwords and its distribution partners (basically, everyone except Amazon).  I’ve updated it already when The Perihelix came out, mainly to add an offer coupon in the back of it.

The benefit of changing the edition rather than putting out a new book is that people with the current version can upgrade free of charge.  It’s my way of giving fans some of the additional stories on their reading devices (although to be fair, they’ll have already been on this website or Jemima’s blog).

So if you want to keep up to date, read the current version you’ve already downloaded – or download the current version in the format of your choice from Smashwords.  The new edition will be coming very soon!

At the moment the Sampler is on free sale – but that’s never guaranteed.

Buy the Sampler – get the Perihelix discount code


With effect from a couple of days ago, if you buy the Viridian System Sampler at Smashwords (for 99c), your copy will include a link to the forthcoming Perihelix, together with a coupon code.

When you buy The Perihelix after it is released on February 16th, use the coupon and get your money back on the Sampler.  That means your Sampler was free.  Or you got two books for the price of one.  Or something.

The coupon ends at the end of April.  The Perihelix price may change at the end of March, but it will definitely change by the end of April.  It’s called promotional pricing, so it depends how long it takes the promotion to work!


If you have already bought the Sampler, check back at your buying site for the new edition, it should be updated free.