Zanzibar’s Rings on target for February 22nd

zanzibar's rings

Zanzibar’s Rings is due to for release in one month’s time.

It’s finally ready! Take a look inside the paperback by clicking the diagonal arrows (a couple of chapters).

Ebook or Paperback?

You can buy the ebook here:

Amazon ~~~ Apple iBooks ~~~ B&N(Nook) ~~~ Kobo ~~~ Scribd ~~~ Smashwords

And order the paperback from your favourite retailer using the ISBN 9798210005601

It should be available through the Ingram distribution network at most retailers (including Book Depository) within a couple of weeks.

Has it been easy to produce?

No. It seemed so, but the more I looked at the final draft, the more problems I found with it. So I got those sorted out to my editor’s and my own staisfaction, and turned to creating the paperback.

That always introduces errors, especially with the Viridian series where several aliens speak in italics. For some reason the transfer from wordprocessing file to the paperback’s system leaves whole tracts of italics after a correct one. And when I thought I’d cleaned the file up, and got the first proof back, I found a good number of places where I’d missed a non-italic inset between dialogues. Like:

  • Are you ready to go, Baby? He listened to the sounds of the engine. Good, we’ll go.

I’ve made that up to demonstrate. But finding those interim pieces was easy when reading a book, and almost impossible when reading the screen.

And worse – more places where the indent for the paragraph was missing. One where it was there, but in the middle of a paragraph.

The trouble was, the more times I read through the script, the more things I found in the writing I wanted to tweak. These were mainly because I’ve been working on giving you the character’s point of view more meaningfully. That can always be improved. And as I could, I did, till I cried ‘No More!’

And it was done.


Join me for the launch party – on tour from 15th February to 15th March, or on my blog and the Viridian Facebook page on 22nd February.

Curved Space to Corsair is out today!

Curved Space to Corsair

Curved Space to Corsair

Curved Space to Corsair has been published!

This space adventure takes our heroes, Lars, Pete, Dolores and Maggie, through a wormhole in error, and what they find on the other side is far from comforting.

Can they get back to the Alpha Quadrant and come to the aid of Pete’s people on Corsair?

The only way is a very curved route indeed.

Buy all the Viridian System eBooks

The Perihelix: ebooks at iTunes, Amazon, B&N, Kobo and Smashwords (special price till the end of March)

Curved Space to Corsair: ebooks at iTunes, B&N, Kobo, Amazon; and Smashwords .  Launch price!

Check the launch party & giveaway on Jemima’s blog


Corsair Launch Blog Tour

Curved Space to Corsair

Happy new year to you!

We start the year with a request – if you have a blog or similar space, would you like to join our Blog Tour/launch day event for Curved Space to Corsair?

There will be a giveaway for $20 gift card, plus ebooks for runners-up.  Any one posting the details of the launch event will have a social media slot in the rafflecopter for the giveaway.

You can see full details and copy the details of the book, buying links (Amazon tba), Jemima’s picture and biog, an excerpt from the book, and the giveaway code on Jemima’s blog here.  Please note the cover here is not yet the final one.  It just needs minor tweaking, though.

The rafflecopter runs from 22nd Jan to 12 Feb, and you can post on any day within that period.  You can also post before or after, but obviously your visitors will not be able to enter the giveaway.

Feel free to share this information to your friends!

I hope 2019 is a very successful one for you.

The Perihelix launches NEXT TUESDAY

Tuesday 16th is launch day!

Today you can pre-order it at Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo.  Next week it will be for sale on Smashwords too.

So, why should you buy The Perihelix?

Perihelix finalThe Perihelix by Jemima Pett

Book 1 of the Viridian System Series

  • Published by Princelings Publications
  • Genre: science fiction/scifi-adventure/space opera (for grownups, although I wouldn’t describe it as adult)
  • Words/pages: 83,000 / 360
  • Formats: all ereaders and paperback
  • Price: ebook currently on special offer at 99c (rrp $2.99): paperback rrp $9.99

The Blurb:

Two asteroid miners, three women, one spacecraft, and five pieces of a legendary weapon scattered around the galaxy.

Big Pete and the Swede are rich, or so they discover after bringing their latest haul of orichalcum in from the asteroid belt. So some well-deserved vacation awaits them. It starts out just fine, with one of the men winning the big flyer-race of the season, but they start to receive odd messages, and despite the attentions from the girls, both realise that someone is trying to drag them back to their pasts, pasts they have tried hard to erase.

As they set out to discover who’s bugging them, they are kidnapped by some particularly nasty aliens, which leaves the girls in a mess – stranded on the spaceship with very little idea how to fly it.

What I think of it:

It’s marvellous.  I may be biased.

Buying links:

AmazonSmashwordsB&NKobo – iTunes – Book Depository