The Perihelix, edition 2, is now LIVE!

the perihelix cover

the perihelix coverThe Perihelix (second edition) has been live on and Smashwords for a few hours now.  It will filter through the systems to other Amazon stores and to iTunes, B&N and Kobo (and others) over the next few days.

In the two years since I took it off sales after lukewarm reviews, I have revised the beginning several times, taken it to a new editor, lost that editor in tragic circumstances, and done my best to deliver the changes she suggested.

As you know, I’ve nearly given up on it several times.  I think if I hadn’t already written the second book Curved Space to Corsair, I might have done.  But now I’ve published the revised book, and I’m very happy that I’ve done so.

If you downloaded the old version, you should be able to download the second edition from your buying site free of charge.  Otherwise it’s now on sale for $2.99.

If you haven’t read it yet, it would be really kind of you to push it to the top of your list and review the new edition on your blog, Goodreads, Amazon or your buying site!  Thanks!


The Perihelix is now in beta

The Perihelix has been overhauled and various parts of it rewritten over the last six months, with a big push during Camp NaNoWriMo this month.

The main changes have been

  • a revision of the plotline that gets them off on their quest
  • consequent amendments to text and dialogue (and I need to update the blurbs around the websites and buying sites, too)
  • focus on points of view, i.e. considering exactly who is narrating a scene, and ensuring it is shown from only their perspective.  This has been hard, especially when dealing with Pete & the Swede doing something together, or wanting to show what each person present is feeling or thinking.
  • consider Voice – how does each character speak, and how does their perspective reflect their unique personality.  That sometimes leads into
  • show don’t tell.  I tend to tell, but need to do more show – I find I tend to use dialogue to avoid telling. I have been working on showing in descriptive parts, too.

So I hope it’s now much better.

It’s ready for my beta readers, so if you’d like a copy in Word, let me know.

New Edition of the Viridian System Sampler out for Read an eBook Week!

viridian-system-samplerYes, it’s Read an eBook week, and as usual, we have discounts on all our titles.

It’s hard to discount a book that’s free, but the Viridian System Sampler (2017 edition) is now live on Smashwords, and soon on iTunes, B&N and Kobo, etc.  If you already have it, you can download the updated version free from your purchase site.

If not, it’ll be free during Read an eBook Week, 5th-11th March 2017, before reverting to 99c for a while.

To see what bargains are to be had on our other books, check the Smashwords publishers pages then link to the titles, or check our publishers listing on

Watch out for a new edition of the Sampler

viridian-system-samplerIt was always my intention to have the Viridian System Sampler change from time to time.

It has eight short stories in it, and is only available from Smashwords and its distribution partners (basically, everyone except Amazon).  I’ve updated it already when The Perihelix came out, mainly to add an offer coupon in the back of it.

The benefit of changing the edition rather than putting out a new book is that people with the current version can upgrade free of charge.  It’s my way of giving fans some of the additional stories on their reading devices (although to be fair, they’ll have already been on this website or Jemima’s blog).

So if you want to keep up to date, read the current version you’ve already downloaded – or download the current version in the format of your choice from Smashwords.  The new edition will be coming very soon!

At the moment the Sampler is on free sale – but that’s never guaranteed.

Perihelix Progress

perihelix_ed2I’ve completed the edit of my revisions to the Perihelix and sent it to my editor.

I’ve rewritten the first chapter, changing the start substantially (and will mean a lot of edits  to book 2 to take out reference/consequences of that), and introducing Dolores, Maggie and Aramintha more thoroughly, although I always intend them to have somewhat mysterious pasts. I’ve also made it slightly clearer (I hope) which direction the travels take them, but working in 3D space means that the reader either needs to imagine it more, or just accept that there’s a long way between places.  I must admit, I’ve never been concerned about the relationship of different planetary systems to each other in Star Trek or Star Wars.

Now to see what my new editor makes of it.

The Perihelix is withdrawn

Perihelix_final_webI received further independent reviews with good feedback over the Perihelix’s dodgy start, and some other comments about characters and plot jumps. So, I consulted my publisher, and we’ve suspended it from sale as of today. I don’t want it to carry on getting 2 and 3 star reviews. Obviously I want to make it the best book I can. And as the start of a series, it ought to be a real ‘read me’ book, getting only 4s and 5s.  I’ll be revising it and putting it through the editing process once more to bring out a second edition in due course.

If you have an ecopy of the Perihelix, you will be able to update to the second edition free. If you have a paperback, make sure you’re on the mailing list of news of coupons and vouchers.

Update on Book 2

Well, as you know, I’ve been writing book 2 in the series at Camp NaNoWriMo throughout April.

I suppose if I was a ‘proper’ writer I’d be writing stories all the time, without the impetus of a wordcount target to reach.  But I find it suits my lifestyle better to devote a set period of time to a book, since I immerse myself in it, and end up waking with the next phase of the story in my head, and I don’t lose track of what I’ve done (provided I make notes , especially of planets, people and things invented) as I go.

But then, from what JK Rowling said about the last Harry books, she had to sit down and lock herself away to finish them.  So maybe it’s just part of the process, especially when one is promoting the books as well.  A time for everything in its season.

So, what about Book 2?

Firstly, I’ve finished it!  I was aiming at 90k words, and stopped 85.4k.  It’s slightly light, but I may need to write in some more action when I edit.

I wish I could think of a decent title.  Working titles have included 1 Watching Wood Warp, which was a description I heard of something extremely boring, which is a fairly accurate description of Pete and the Swede’s lives through the wormhole.  But as with my second thought 2 Autumn Harbour, it is meaningless to anyone passing a list of book titles and certainly does not act as an attention grabber. 3 Dragonfly Planet is strongly related to Autumn Harbour, but they don’t spend long at that planet, although the dragonfly plays a major role.  4 is Three Georges, but again, nobody knows it relates to scifi, and could easily be mistaken for a travel book on China.  5, which I got the day I finished, is Perihelix Adventure, which is a phrase Pete uses when he is musing on life in the final paragraphs.  It obviously links to book 1, but is a bit of a cop out, I think.  You know, Dune, Dune MessiahFoundation, Second Foundation.  It also gives me a constraint for book 3 (and I have no idea what book 3 will do at present, nor whether the Perihelix will be needed).

At present, I think I’d happily use Dragonfly Planet if I had to give it a working title, but maybe calling it Book 2 will be the best.  However, I do think the cover will have a dragonfly motif on it.

Dragonfly (archaic)

You can’t pick a title without knowing what the book is about.  I have updated the book page with a slightly longer description, but I am a long way from writing a blurb.  I now need to let the book simmer for a bit so I go back to it with fresh eyes.  For one thing I don’t think it is exciting enough as it stands.  But I may surprise myself, because, of course, I knew what was going to happen as I wrote it (although there were some surprises as characters did their own thing, as usual).

What I’ll do later in the year is to go through it for my first edit, pick out any phrases I think might make a good title, and if I’m ready but still undecided, I’ll give you a good synopsis and a choice of titles.

And if you haven’t got your Viridian System Sampler yet – it’s now free!  And since I’ve done a backstory for Aramintha in April, I may update the samples included, but remove the coupon for the Perihelix.  If you buy from Smashwords you can get later editions free, I’m not sure whether that applies to Nook, Kobo and Apple stores or not.

Safe spacing!

PS Watch out for snippets from the book that I post in the next few months!


Snippets from Jemima’s blog


Have you been following Jemima Pett, Author during the A to Z Challenge?  I’ve been talking world-building, and combining discussions of worlds in other books with information about various aspects of the Viridian System series – some reprinted, some brand new.

Those of you who like to spot clues should be on the lookout – especially today, when I talk about the planet Ulric.  There are two more posts to go in April, but all the posts about the Viridian System series are linked below:

Congratulations, Goodreads winners!

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