Total lunar eclipse tomorrow night/Monday morning

lunar eclipse 2015Total lunar eclipses are relatively common compared with total solar eclipses – well, they seem easier to see from your home, anyway.

The next to be readily seen over the northern hemisphere is at tomorrow night’s full moon – which is evening in the USA,  early morning in the UK.  Maximum coverage (i.e. full moon) is 05.12 UTC (or GMT for Brits), so set your alarms for about 4.30 if you just want to see the totality bit, or around 3 am if you want the full experience.

See this excellent guide at, compete with a blow by blow timetable for your US time zones.

Those travelling in New Zealand will miss it, unless you are in  the top of North Island, in which case you might get a little sliver of shading.  But you’ll probably not see that, even if you look.

Check the guide for details. guide to the lunar eclipse 20/21 Jan

Picture here is my own view of the last eclipse I stayed up for!