The Perihelix is now in beta

The Perihelix has been overhauled and various parts of it rewritten over the last six months, with a big push during Camp NaNoWriMo this month.

The main changes have been

  • a revision of the plotline that gets them off on their quest
  • consequent amendments to text and dialogue (and I need to update the blurbs around the websites and buying sites, too)
  • focus on points of view, i.e. considering exactly who is narrating a scene, and ensuring it is shown from only their perspective.  This has been hard, especially when dealing with Pete & the Swede doing something together, or wanting to show what each person present is feeling or thinking.
  • consider Voice – how does each character speak, and how does their perspective reflect their unique personality.  That sometimes leads into
  • show don’t tell.  I tend to tell, but need to do more show – I find I tend to use dialogue to avoid telling. I have been working on showing in descriptive parts, too.

So I hope it’s now much better.

It’s ready for my beta readers, so if you’d like a copy in Word, let me know.