Nearly solstice

Just a little reference to things Earth-orbital, there.  News from the Viridian System for you…

  1. I have rewritten as much of the Perihelix as I think I should, and need to edit it before sending it to my sf editor.
  2. I’m planning to bring the second edition out on Kindle Select first, then Smashwords three months later… which may coincide with book 2, but I’m not promising anything.
  3. I’ve come up with a new title for book 2.  Wind your way down so that you can give me your reaction in the comments.
  4. I still haven’t fixed the problem with my mailing list database.  I have found a hint why it may not be finding the database, but haven’t got around to looking into it further yet.
  5. I’ve written some more flash fiction on my blog, relating to the Viridian System:
    1. #FridayFlash Fiction | Return to Sender
    2. #FridayFlash Fiction | Towards an Exodentrite Nirvana
    3. #FridayFlash Fiction | The Inspector Calls
  6. As I’m currently working on books in the Princelings of the East series, there may be a gap in proceedings here.

Okay – the big test for this idea for Book 2 is

Curved Space to Corsair

What do you think?