Update on the Perihelix

I’ve nearly finished the main editing of The Perihelix – enough to send it to my editor and to any beta-readers that would like a copy.  I could keep tinkering with it for ages, of course, and if I really think it needs changes, I’ll make them, but it would be better to get feedback from beta-readers first!

It’s actually grown in the editing, which is unusual, but that’s because I’ve changed both the beginning and the ending, and I’ve paid attention to more description of people, places and especially smells!  I suspect I can do more of that, but I don’t want to go overboard.  It’s currently just over 80,000 words, which isn’t that big for a scifi novel.  What do you think?

On Jemima’s blog today there is an excerpt from the book, together with some questions that might interest you.  Why not hop over and read it?

And while I’m thinking about the book… do you think I should have an author photo without the guinea pig for the scifi series?  I have to confess that there is a reference to these wonderful animals in the book, but it doesn’t continue.  Hm, that’s just given me yet another idea for the second in the series 🙂


2 Replies to “Update on the Perihelix”

    1. OK. I’ll sort out one that makes me look younger – I have just the one in mind….

      The cover will be similar to the one on the Viridian Sampler post, except there’ll be some sort of motive/panel illustration in the middle. That panel will change for each book but the background stays the same. I think it’ll work…

      Update: It’s on the About page now!

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