Corsair postponed to January 2019

Curved Space to Corsair is now scheduled for 20th January 2019.  Apologies for anyone who’s itching to buy it.

I’ve been rewriting the start of the manuscript following my editor’s feedback.  As usual with my books, I’ve set the scene, given you a chance to get to know the characters – all the things that used to be good advice.

That doesn’t work these days.  I have to hit you from the start.  I’m working out how to get necessary bits of background in, trying them out, rethinking it.  There’s a bit of business that I cut from the revised Perihelix that I still wanted to use in Corsair, but that’s come out of the first couple of chapters too, and I need to get it in seamlessly in time for the important part of it to emerge.

Once I finish this bit of the edit, I’ll have to go through with a checklist to make sure that everything is included that needs to be included, and that any loose ends are not left dangling if they are no longer needed.

Then I can finish off the other improvements later in the manuscript, and get it back to my editor for approval!

And at present I’ve taken nearly 6000 words off the front end of the book.  That still leaves it coming in around 85,000 though.

Meanwhile, I see another scifi series called Corsair has hit the shelves. Maybe I’ll review it when I’ve finished the third book.

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