Exciting times

This is getting very exciting.

Photo on 22-01-2016 at 13.33 #2Here is the copy of the paperback  from Blurb (printed in the UK, so I got it in 3 days).  Rebecca is kindly proofing the copy of the Createspace one (printed in the US) which only took 5 days to reach her.  I would have to wait at least six weeks for it.

Hopefully the insides will be fine, then I can release them in time for the 16th, which is release day for the ebooks.

Even more exciting: I can’t stop writing book 2 in the series, and after I spotted something when I was browsing around another thing I wanted as the theme, it produced a title.  So at the moment, book 2 is provisionally called Autumn Harbour.  It’s quite a tortuous path to get to it, and it helps if you speak Japanese, and that’s all I’ll say.  Except perhaps that my flash fiction last summer the Alien Among Us immediately became a key part of this story in my head.  It’s nearly got to the stage of putting that on paper.  And then the fun really begins!